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Bob Marley

Acrylics On Paper 13"x15" 1993

This painting was created for a series that featured great musicians from history. Bob Marley was of course was one of the greats. I have played guitar for many years and identified with his music on a deep level. It was not hard to create a painting from the heart. I used a couple of photos of Bob Marley as a template to capture the essence of the musician. The colors are traditional in nature. I also wanted to show the fire from within.

The original painting was given to my brother who is a drummer and first introduced me to the Marley Family's Music. I wish there was more I could do with it (I wanted to sell the design and give the proceeds to a Musical based charitable organization) but was stopped by exclusive liscensing constraints. If anyone can figure out how I can get this painting out to more people legally, let me know. I also suggest that if you like music you should be at least familiar with Bob Marley's music. It has and will continue to effect many people in many situations. I think I will listen to one of his CDs right now. That's better. -LTSIII

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