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In keeping with the idea that open communication is the trademark of strong and potent society, the following policies have been implemented. Please review and have a happy and safe day. - LTSIII


LTSIII Production and Design, otherwise known as LTSIII, uses the trade or service mark Pinched Logo or the web site. LTSIII may be used to refer to the complete makeup of all or parts of its affiliates including but not limited to LTSIII Pro Design and Artslayer Industries. LTSIII has the right to create or modify policies or procedures at anytime if necessary to promote a healthy, education based, trouble free world.

LTSIII installs ideas, concepts, training, structures, procedures and automation on a Service basis. This includes most computer networking and application design. LTSIII also creates, supports and participates in wholesale and retail to the public and private agencies.


Disputes are to be settled by an agreed upon third party entity or institution that may or may not meet suitability requirements, whose sole intent is to resolve the issue at hand. LTSIII is not responsible for fees incurred by the dispute process unless the governing entity requires it.

Original or Source Artwork, Copies, Materials and Supplies

Original or source artwork or materials mean that LTSIII can only accept the original or (a) duplicate(s) of the original working file when requested. Original artwork can be, for example, PSD, TIF or EPS files or matted or framed traditional art pieces. This is associated with compressed or uncompressed files that do not lose the original intent information.

Copies of originals are paper photocopies and faxes, JPG, PNG or GIF file formats for example. Copies are usually associated with a "lossy" compression or integral loss of the information that was originally included in source materials.

Image Processing

Normally, three images are processed per page for site corrections and additions. This includes basic color, white/black, sharpening correction. Additional images or effects processing will be added to the project on a timed basis. This is only so we know what to expect when processing.

Information Collected

Information being collected will not be given out to anyone for any reason unless an exception must be made. You will be notified if it is necessary to disclose information. Information will not be sold but may be given to authoritative officials for example. It is policy to collect as little information as possible.

Right to Refuse

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, for any reason at anytime. Every effort will be made to resolve any issue. As a matter of fact we are known for it.

Service Rendered, Payment

Payment is due when work is completed or service has been rendered. This is usually but not always accompanied by a previous sign off or signature. Other arrangements may or may not be made but this is at the sole discretion of LTSIII. If an invoiced amount is more than 30 days past due from the date of invoice, then a 2% late fee plus any handling or processing fees incurred as allowed by law.

Following are steps taken to complete a project or other work related issue. This is subject to change.

  1. Quote Stage
    • Project or work information is submitted to LTSIII and reviewed. A quote will be issued back to the originating party
  2. Agreement Stage
    • A payment of half of the total quote will be required to start and is non refundable. A turn around time will be given, which is minimum of 2 weeks unless otherwise stated as a rush. Rush work will be assessed a fee. No more than 3 revisions are offered.
  3. Performance Stage
    • Work will be actively performed. This is the 2 week period of time previously mentioned.
  4. Revision Stage
    • Revisions will be actively performed. This is a 1 week period of time that may be included or in addition to the 2 week Performance Stage. This will vary and depend on permitting time.
  5. Close Stage
    • Payment is due. After the time periods above have expired, we have the right to consider the project or work complete and full payment will be required regardless of the status of the project. If LTSIII does not meet these guidelines, an undisclosed discount for the originating party will be considered and is contingent on LTSIII approval.

Note: Times may be converted to percentage to adjust frames that may deal with large to extremely large or small to very small projects. This is at the sole discretion of the account representative or LTSIII. In case of emergencies or acts of nature, these times may be adjusted.

Pricing / Fees

There are presently two main pricing levels for services rendered.

  1. This is the Standard Service Fee for Tracked and Project Time:
    • Tracked time will be billed with a .5 per unit minimum per issue. In other words, if the rate is on an hourly basis, .5 hours will be assessed as a minimum charge. If the rate is based on a daily basis, then the minimum will be .5 days etc.
    • Project Time is variable and may reflect the agreed upon amount for a project or set of instructions.
  2. Service Agreement / Proposal / Quote / Special Option Fee
    • These fees reside in the same group and are defined by a minimum charge of 28.57% of the Standard Service Fee rate. This works much in the same way as a subcontract fee would apply when contract work is involved but is completely service based. The above fee is normally a negotiated fee and is not the standard charged.
  3. Cancellation Fee
    • A cancellation fee, consisting of a .5 per units minimum per issue charge, will be charged for any cancelled appointment or if "hunting" has been performed.
      • A cancelled appointment is defined as a physical or virtual meeting that is set to discuss or perform actions or services related to a request for service or consultation and the agreed upon specifics were not adhered to by the requestor. Services also include follow-ups and fixes as applicable by law. If a follow-up is scheduled, the fee may be waived. For, example, you will be charged cancel fee for not showing up to our 10 o'clock meeting. The charge will be waived if you call and reschedule at a reasonable date.
      • "Hunting", in this context, is defined as a request for services where the appointment was never set due to the ill attempt of the requestor or representative to be contacted. This includes multiple calls or attempts to reach the appointed party. For Example, if you want a service call to be performed at XYZ Company and an entity there needs to be contacted for scheduling and that entity cannot be contacted for various reasons, you will be charged. Chargeable services include contacting entities.
      • 4. Paypal and other payment methods may be charged a minumum of $5.84 handling charge plus 2 percent of the total invoice. This is optional and is decided by representive.
  4. Misc Fees
    • Paypal and other payment methods may be charged a minumum of $5.84 handling charge plus 2 percent of the total invoice. This is optional and is decided by representive.
    • Expenses may be incurred if the following is required to complete work. Travel expenses are defined as expense including but not limited to air, automobile, locomotive or sea that is in the duty of performing work in any stage as stated by the Service Rendered, Payment policy. Communication expenses include but are not limited to mobile phone calls and long distance charges, additional ISP charges, and computing fees outside the agreed upon issue. Basic expenses are included and are defined as 3 mobile phone calls received or placed, 2 trips within a 50 mile radius, per trip, by automobile per project instance. Mobile phone calls over 15 minutes in duration are not a basic expense, regardless of of number of calls made and will be assesed a charge of $0.50 per minute.

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